The triathlon season is coming to an end.  Or at least our group training is coming to an end.  In a way I’m going to miss it.  But it’s time to get my week back.  It’s been fun helping out all the ladies. My favorite is watching them go from “Holy Hell!  What did I sign up for?” to, “When the next triathlon?”  While it’s been great helping the ladies out, it definitely doesn’t really leave room for me to do a whole lot of training.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take back my time helping out.  In fact, I love helping out.  We’ve been doing this since May and that’s a long time to be doing this as a group and keep it fun and interesting.  I’m really glad I decided to take a year off from triathlons.  It’s made me realize that I do enjoy doing triathlons.  And it helped me from getting burnt out on them.  My friend and I both took the year off from races and we’ve decided to start training for a half ironman.  Fortunately for us, this area has tons of races and a fair amount of half ironman distances.  Now it’s all about picking the race and starting the training.  It would be awesome if we could some how do one in Victoria or Vancouver and that way I could work in a small vacation in after the race 🙂

Speaking of Vancouver, here’s the last couple of images from Vancouver.  These are from Granville Island, Stanley Park and the Bloedel Conservatory.  The Bloedel Conservatory has several parrots and other exotic birds living in the Conservatory.  Charlie (he’s a cocakatoo) the light pink bird will say hi to you if you say hi to him… well not all the time.  My dad said hi to him and he laughed at my dad.  My dad… Dr. Doolittle.



photodad(that’s my dad – as mom called him on this trip Ansel Adams)

georgeSay hello to Charlie





That’s my mom… looking for the next place to shop.

This next photo is one of my favorites.  I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the sentiment behind the misspelled love note.