OK so it hurts a little.  tonight we had a bike workout.  Nothing I hadn’t done before.  So I’m standing there, one foot clipped into the pedals and the other planted firmly on the ground.  I start to move over to the right while still clipped in, something I’ve done many times before.  But this time it was time for me to apparently be one with the bike and the ground.  I totally ate it while standing.  So now I’ve got a some road rash on my knee an on my elbow.  I blame the guy I work with.  He jinxed me.  He asked if I have ever fallen on my bike.  Not until today!  Thanks man…  I’ll get you back for that.

I got a new rug for the new place and mom didn’t get a chance to see it before she elft.  So mom, here’s the new rug!


And here’s a few more photos from Vancouver.  These are a few shots of the totem poles at the UBC museum of Anthropology and a few of the totems in Stanley Park.