This weekend was SeaFair weekend.  Which is a big deal here.  It involves hydro boats and Blue Angels.  While I appreciate the focus, work and dedication it takes to do what they do, I have to admit, I don’t like them.  Every time they fly over Seattle, I can’t help but think that some countries see and hear jets like that everyday.  And in some cases it’s followed by bombs.  Not to mention that this year when they flew over our place, the windows rattled and the cats ran and hid under the bed.  The Blue Angels, combined with the oppressive heat made for a rather lazy weekend.

I did get some knitting done.  I started working on the Lotus Blossom Tank with yarn that I recycled from the Puffed Sleeve Feminine Cardi I did in April.   I realized that there was no way I could fix the cardi without ripping it all out and starting again.  So I decided to use the yarn for the Lotus Blossom Tank.  It’s slow going, but that’s because I’m on the lace part.  I’ve decided to add one more repeat of the lace pattern to make it a bit longer.  I’ve got a long torso, so I tend to have to add a couple of repeats.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:


And on a sad note, I was walking over to Seward Park the other day to go for a swim and I saw a ghost bike had been put up where a cyclist was hit.  We happened to be at the beach swimming when it happened.  I found out later that it was a man that was hit and he went to the hospital and was in serious condition with life threatening injuries.  Hopefully the ghost bike will be a reminder to people to share the road.  And by share the road I mean that cars are aware  of the cyclists and the cyclists are aware of the cars and pay attention to the rules of the road.  I’ve seen several cyclist down on Lake Washington Blvd riding 3 wide and falling back when a car needs to pass.  We all need to use the road, just be polite.