As my birthday approaches, I realized something.  I’m an adult now.  Granted I should have figured this out by now as I’ll be 36 this year.  But it took a move for me to really realize that I’m an adult.  As I was unpacking I was mentally taking note of the things that I need to get.  Stuff like those really cool 3M command hooks and picture hangers.  Then I started thinking about what i wanted for my birthday – sadly some of the first things that came into my head were gift cards to Trader Joes and to gas stations.  Just because it would be great to be able to have a little “free” money to use on gas and food.  Geez, if I got those things, I might go for a drive and explore a little more of Washington or even splurge and get a special food treat for myself 🙂

Ok, so here’s a few cool things I’d like for my new place – all around or under $20.

3M picture hangers – I thrilled to not have to drill into a wall to hang my pictures. (And to make it that much better – there’s 2 different styles!)

A cool little kitchen sink caddy.

A neat little birdy hook for coats and whatnot.

Or perhaps a coffee mug with a quote from my favorite book – Pride and Prejudice.

Ok, this next one is a bit more than $20 – it’s more like $50.  But it’s too darn cute.  A nightstand that shaped like a little house.

How about some nice artwork?