I pack thing all day long at work.  And now I come home and I packing things all night.  Fortunately, the packing things in the evening will be coming to an end soon.  And then it’s packing things all day long and unpacking things all night long.

On a totally different topic – MTV has finally decided to release The State – the complete series on DVD.  Thank you MTV!  I’ve only been waiting for over 15 years for that.

I also can’t wait to get moved in so that I can get back to really knitting.  I can get back to working on all the projects I had to pack up.  And I think my next big sweater project might be the Sunrise Circle Jacket.  My only fear with this one is that I probably need to alter the pattern a bit to make the torso a bit longer.  and I have to admit, I have no idea on how to do that.  I guess that what trial and error is for.