And now it’s all about swimming and packing up the apartment.  But tonight is about taking it easy.  I’ve got a 5am wake up call to be able to get to Woodinville by 7am.  So I’ll do a little knitting and just relax.

I’m on day two of weight watchers.  This morning/early afternoon I just wanted to snack and started to crave sweet things.  I fought my way thru it and was fine.  I grabbed a 6 inch turkey breast sub from Subway and an apple and that did the trick as far as feeling full.  And it was a whopping 6 points out of my total 23 points for the day.  It seems to work out that my breakfast tends to lean towards 5 or so points.  The morning is when I really need protein and really filling foods.  Otherwise I’m snacking all day long on junk.  So I guess if I can keep my meals around 5 or 6 points per meal, and the rest of snacks I think I’ll be ok.  I’ve also found that a cup of those bite sized frosted shredded wheat cereals is about 3 points and they make a great snack without milk.  And it seems as if most fruit is 0 points unless they’re loaded with sugar – granted it’s natural sugar, but sugar none the less. We also get 35 points per week to use how we want.  I’d prefer not to use them but sometimes you just need a piece of chocolate.  We can also earn more points by working out.  I have a feeling that being a swim angel tomorrow will give me 4 extra points tomorrow. Not to mention all the working out I’ll be doing while packing!

For dinner I decided to cut all the kale that’s been growing like a weed in my Earthbox and cook it up.  I found a recipe that called for kale, whole wheat pasta, canellini beans, some veggie stock, garlic and a small amount of red pepper flakes.  It was darn good and healthy.  I still need to figure out the points on it, but after a small bowl of it, I’m full.  But I must admit, I’m still craving something sweet.

I checked my topsy turvy tomatoes to see if I had any tomatoes yet and there they were!  3 little baby tomatoes just starting to grow!

As for the 3 truths and 1 lie quiz – let’s review what I wrote.

1. I always have a camera with me – either digital or film.
2. I made my parents go to the Ponderosa Ranch when we were in Lake Tahoe for our family vacation one year.
3. E.T. is my favorite movie.
4. For Valentine’s day one year, my friend took me to see WWF wrestling and our seats were 3 rows back from the ring.

The 3rd one is a lie.  I’ve never seen E.T.  And for the record, the WWF Valentine’s day was the best Valentine’s day I’ve ever had.  I’m not sure if that’s truely pathetic or awesome.  Personally think it’s a little bit of both.   And yes, I made my parents go to the Ponderosa Ranch (R.I.P. Ponderosa Ranch – it’s no longer there…).  I have the pictures and more importantly, the stories to prove it.  I think it’s been at least 10 years since we went, so Mom might be willing to admit to going there now.