It took 4 days for the floors to finally get done.  My landlords have been great.  Since I’m moving into their mother in law apartment in their home next month they’ve told me that, because of all the craziness, I don’t have to pay rent.

I’m so glad that the floors are done and now it’s time to clean up all the dust off of everything and really get down to packing!

But before I do, I found a few more vintage cookbook images.


I think these are called Hurry Up Ham Puffs because after you eat one you have to hurry up to the bathroom.


Hey Billy, would you stop trying to give your saucy franks to your sister.  There are laws against that!  (And yes, Saucy Franks is the name of the recipe that’s pictured.  I’m wondering if they named the recipe the chef’s bachelor party in Vegas.)

HamBallsThese are Cherry Sauced Ham Balls.  I’m pretty sure there was a kid I went to school with that we nicknamed Ham Balls and it wasn’t because he had these for lunch everyday.  Cherry Sauced Ham Balls sounds like yet another STD.   What is wit the names of the recipes from the 50s – late 70s all sounding like STDs?

And finally, my personal favorite…


I had a friend who would ocassionally use the term “crap sandwich.”  This is pretty much what I pictured when he would say “crap sandwich.”  I can only assume that the red stuff on the top of the crap sandwich could only be red magic aka ketchup.  I mean really… what else besides red magic would make a crap sandwich palatable.