Today I had my annual check up.  Fortunately for me I got a clean bill of health.  Well… the doctor said I had a clean bill of health.  But when I saw my weight, I was not feeling too healthy.  I have to admit, that I have not been working out the way I should or the way I would like to.  Nor have a I been eating the right size portions or even the right foods.  I realize that I need some sort of accountability.  And because of that I think I’ll be heading back to Weight Watchers and really getting focused about training again.  I’m going to not be too hard on myself if I can’t get a workout in this month.  This move is gonna be a bit of a pain.  So the move is my main concern.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

If you get a chance, please watch The Colbert Report this week.  He’s at Camp Victory in Iraq.  Tonight he had General Odierno on and the President Barack Obama on via satellite.  Barack ordered the general to shave Stephen Colbert’s head. And he actually did it!  While I don’t support the war in Iraq, I do support the troops.  And it seems as if they have been forgotten recently.  Not to mention many of the vets from previous wars and conflicts.  So I applaud Stephen Colbert for doing what he’s doing.