I came home this evening after a trip to teh grocery store and turned on the tv to find a story about our local humane society holding Kitten Kindergarten!  You an train your kitties to do all sorts of tricks.  Where was this when my furry little layabouts were little.  I could be making money off them!  Instead, I’m the one who’s gotta foot the bill for their expensive lifestyle.

And on geekier news:

Seattle is the home to Nancy Pearl – the librarian that they modeled the Librarian action figure on.  This is not her only claim to fame.  She’s also the author of the Book Lust series of books.  Here’s where the geek comes out – She’s my superhero.  Once a month she heads over to our local NPR station (KUOW) and gives great book recommendations.  Now she’s come up with a 4 question survey to help her figure out what books to recommend to you!  When she was on the air this morning, you could fill out the form and it would be mailed to her. Then sometime this summer she and what I can only assume is a large staff of interns from the UW iSchool (the school I’m hoping to get into – feel free to flood them with recommendations about me.  And let them know I should get a full scholarship.) will send you a list of book recommendations!  I’ll let you know if and when I get my list!