It’s been a beautiful weekend.  The weather has been incredible and I’ve gotten a lot done.

I started on friday with a trip to my favorite bookstore – Half Price Books.  They were having a sale 20% off everything.  So I grabbed 2 books  (Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander) for a total of $10.  I could barely buy a new book for that much!

I started reading my first book, And only to Deceive, that evening.  And was done with it last night.  It was a quick read and a pretty good plot.  I’ll definitely continue reading Tasha’s books.  I’ll start reading Yarn Harlot tonight before heading off the sleep.

Saturday  I decided to head to the U-district farmer’s market to grab some fresh veggies and whatnot to throw on the grill that evening.  I walked away with some oysters from Taylor Shellfish, some salmon sausage from Loki Fish Co. I also picked up a delicious piece of hazelnut lavendar baklava from Pies by Jenny.  I’m saving up some money for next Saturday –  i need to try one of her pies…

Here’s what the grill looked like that evening.


That’s one sweet piece of corn on the grill.  I have to admit the sausages weren’t what I had hoped for.  They were really dry.  Not really what a sausage should be.


That was just one of the oysters that I threw on the grill.  They are truely amazing.  This is one of those reasons why I love summer and grilling.


That was what was left after dinner on Saturday night.  I saved a few for Sunday.  I threw them on the grill and added them to the pasta I had.

After dinner I did a little knitting.  I’m trying to teach myself how to knit 2 socks at once.  I figure that I should not start big knitting projects until after the move.  So the socks are a perfect challenge for now.

I got up on Sunday, read for a bit more and then started in on the cleaning and packing.  It’s a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.  It’s the end of one part of my life and the beginning of another.  And going thru all my stuff and getting rid of things has been a good thing to do.  I’ve been getting rid of stuff that i just don’t need or really shouldn’t be holding on to anymore.  Hopefully someone else will get some use out of my old things.  I think by the time I actually move into the new place I’ll be on a first name basis with the folk over at Goodwill!

And now, it’s back to cleaning up and packing.  I’d like to get one more trip to Goodwill in before my energy level drops.  And that’s when it’s back to knitting or reading.