So here’s the start of the essay.  According to their information my personal statement (my essay) “should communicate to the Admissions Committee your aspirations for your future in library and information science professions.”  And then they added that bit about among other things, I could talk about their 45 bullet points I mentioned in the previous post.  For now, I’m going to stay away from those.  And here’s what I have so far:Once a week, dad and I would head over to the library.  If it was going to be a quick trip (about an hour or so) we’d go to the Scotia Library – a library that was in an old 3 room colonial house.  For the longer trips we’d head over to Schenectady to go to the main library – a modern building built in the 1970s that took up what looked like a city block.  To this day I still remember the uneven, creaky floors of the Scotia library with the hum of the air conditioner placed precariously in the window during the oppressively hot summer months.  And the cool but inviting main library with it’s rows of card catalogs and rows of large oak reading tables.  The libraries were opposite in appearance and feel but both to me were places I always loved going to.  It meant that I would be leaving with several books.  Books that would fill my mind with the sights and sounds of far off places and times.  I’d meet and get to know Laura Ingalls Wilder, Peter Rabbit, & Ramona Quimby.  I’d learn how to make origami flowers, macramé bracelets, and even how to make my very own playdoh.  I could even find out how my hometown of Scotia, NY came to be.  I fell in love with the library and all the stories and knowledge it held within it’s walls.

Now that I’m in my mid 30s, I realize that I need to be, and more importantly, where I want to be is working with books and information.

That’s all I could get done during lunch.  I seem to do well writing at lunch.  I think because of what I do, I have a lot of time to think stuff out.  But, I could be wrong 🙂

Today, since it was nice out, I decided to take a couple quick pictures of the garden.  My upside-down tomato plant is growing like crazy!


The stuff that looks like it’s got a garbage bag over it is kale, mustard greens, red chard and yellow squash.   This is my first attempt at growing veggies and I’m hoping it works out.


I think because it’s been relatively nice constant temperature and it’s been raining, that made the tomato plant grow like a weed.


In the middle planter is dill, rosemary, basil and thyme.  The dill seems to be winning.

And on the knitting front, Rusted Root is done and has been worn a couple of times.  I was paying for some groceries and the woman asked me if I made it and what pattern it was.  She was also a knitter.

rustedRootFinishedI also started working on Surface but didn’t get too far before the cold that wanted me to never leave the couch hit. So far all I’ve got done is the ribbing on the back piece.


I have a feeling this one is going to be a slow project.  I may have to put it aside until after I move.  I think it’s just going to take too much time away from what I need to get done.