I won.  Or at least, it’s looking that way.  By Sunday I was starting to feel like a normal human being.  And now all that’s left is a slightly stuffy head and a cough.

Monday was a bit rough.  It was grey all day and then when it was time to do our bike ride for our group training, it started to rain.  Great.  So I was out in the down pour for about an hour.  I made it home, damp and cold.  I had a hot chocolate and went to bed.  I could see no other way to end the day.

Same thing happened yesterday.  It was grey all day.  Then, when I left work to head over to our knitting group – rain.  By the time I got home, there was thunder, lightning and in some places hail!  That’s when I decided to get into my pjs and try and figure out my essay for college.   After n hour or so I realized something.  College essays want you to tell them why they are so great and why they should let you into their cool world.  In a way it’s like the college is the cool kid and they’re holding tryout for their new bff.  “So, like, why do you want to hang out with me?  And tell me why you think you’re cool enough to hang out with me.”  I wish I could just write something like, “I was able to aquire the proper amount of student loans to pay for your school.”  And that should be the end of it.  It seems like that’s pretty much all that most schools care about.  Either that or I can play a given sport like an olympic athlete.   I’m going the student loan route.

I have to write a 750 -1000 word “personal statement” that, as they put it, “It could discuss:

  • What I hope to accomplish from this program
  • Your reasons for choosing this school and this program
  • Your tentative career goals for your professional career
  • Your experience with information technology
  • Your leadership experience and potential for leadership in your profession.

I can do almost all of these with one sentence per discussion point.  Let’s start with the first one and work our way down…

What do I hope to accomplish from this program – a good paying job that I can tolerate until it’s time for me to retire or I die (whatever comes first).

My reasons for choosing this school and this program – (answer 1) You’re a state school and you’re right down the street from me.

(answer 2)  you’re ranked in the top 10 in the US in this field.

(answer 3) you used to have a great football team and I’d like to get a student discount for football tickets and just about anything I can get a student discount for.

My tentative career goals for your professional career – see the answer to question 1

My experience with information technology – We have a love hate relationship – I love technology but hate programming it.

My leadership experience  and potential for leadership in the profession – As a customer service manager I’ve learned to take a beating and be able to hand that beating down to my minions.

The one question that  I think would be the one to actually be fun to answer is the supplemental question that needs to be answered in 100 words or less – Why should we admit you?  100 words or less!  I can’t limit my awesomeness to 100 words or less.  It’s just not possible.

OK, ok… While I joke about what they are asking me to write and talk about, I am really taking this seriously.  My plan is to post the rough drafts and ideas for this essay up here.  So be on the look out for it.