Yesterday was one heck of day here.  It was sunny and it was nice out.  So I decided that I would do something that i haven’t done in a while.  And quite honestly I’m not sure why I haven’t done it…  I grabbed some film and took some pictures.  I went out to Point Defiance park in Tacoma.  I skipped the zoo and the aquarium.  I’m saving that for another day.  I decided that I would go to Fort Nisqually. Point Defiance park is beautiful.  I didn’t get much of a chance to wander around the park itself.  My main focus was the fort.  I pulled up to the parking lot of and saw at least 3 model T fords of all different years parked.  I started talking to one of the owners of the cars and he told me that a member of their club (the Model T society of Tacoma) was having a birthday.  So they drove the to park in their cars to have a little bbq/picnic and birthday cake.  I took a couple pictures of his car.  His was a red and black convertible.  He had his 2 dogs in the car.  One was a chiuahua and the other was a mutt of sorts but a bigger medium sized dog.   The chihuahua was his security system, as he called him.  Anytime anyone would get near the car, including his owner he would bark like his life depended on it!  The other dog, the bigger and I’m assuming older dog (as he as a lot of white whiskers around he nose) just wanted you to come up to him and pet him… and take a ride with him.

After chatting for a bit, I headed over to the Fort.  It was set up similar to the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown.  People were dressed in period and they would happily answer questions about what life was like at the fort back when it was first built.   I took a couple of photos with the digital camera, but most I took with the Diana.  This is one of the two lookout towers.


This is from inside of the living quarters.  I just really liked the way the light hit the floor.


This one is from, I’m assuming the newer house in the fort.  There was a small high school group there.  So if was a bit difficult to even concentrate on reading some of the informational signs.   My favorite part of this room is that it’s the boys room.  The little bed under the bigger bed was for the baby brother.


This one I took for Grandpa Beauregard.  I call it the two seater, or the his and hers.


Here’s a couple of different views from the lookout tower.  Once facing the water


and one facing the fort.


And here’s a couple of more “artsy” photos.

The black chair


and the Elton John (Candle in the Wind-ow)


After the fort I headed back to Seattle to finish off the last roll of film.  I decided to try and find the Hat and Boots.  I drove around Georgetown for a bit and then I found it.  The Hat is currently being restored, so it’s under a white tent that you can’t see in.  But the boots… well here they are… in all their glory.


And that was my Saturday.

As for what’s else I did this weekend.  I did a little knitting.  I’m almost finished with the Clapotis.

Here’s where I was on Friday morning –


And here’s where I am today – clapotis3

I’ve got 2 more repeats on the straight section.  And then it’s on to the decrease section.  If things are a slow as they have been at work, I might have this done by the end of the day tomorrow!

Here’s a close up of the dropped stitches.


After that, I’ll add the ribbing to Rusted Root and I’ll call it a month.  At least I think I will…  I feel in love with Surface by Norah Gaughan.  I tried to figure out how much this would cost to make using the recommended yarn, I almost passed out.  It came to roughly $150.  Yeah…. not in my budget.  But I did figure out that I could use my favorite cheapskate yarn – Caron Simply Soft Eco!  Since I already had 5 skeins I figured I would need another 5 more.  The cost per skein $2.50.  Total cost of sweater roughly $27 with tax.  I think that’s a fair price for a sweater that I may not even like once I finish it.