Well, I’ll tell you…  Rusted Root is almost done.  I ran out of yarn just before I got to the ribbing bands on the bottom of the sweater, the neckband and around the sleeves.  I should have planned for that.  My torso is a bit longer than most, so I tend to have to lengthen sweaters.  I suppose I could go out and buy another skein of blue, but it seems like a waste.  I’d be using maybe 10-20 yards of a 210 yard skein.  I do have a white/cream color skein that might work with it.  It might be a neat little accent color.  But for now, here’s what it looks like…  (side note:  I started this project on April 23rd and I decided that, because I started it in April, it wouldn’t be my May project.  It just went way too quickly.  Hopefully it fits and it looks good on.)


And May’s project , the ever popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, is going rather fast.  I started it at lunch today and I’m getting ready to get to the 3rd section of the pattern.  Since you have to repeat 12 rows, 12 times, I’m pretty sure that’s going to take some time.  And maybe drive me crazy.  But so far, it’s not too bad.  I’m using Cascade 220 so it will be a bit warmer than what the yarn she suggested would be. Here’s the progress so far.


I’m off to watch Ghost Hunters and knit.  I keep trying to teach the cats how to knit, but their lack of thumbs is really getting in the way of their progress.