I just received my HSKS07 package from Arriana Stylos!  I ran into the house and opened up the box and look what I saw


And then I started to pull everything out of the box


She must have put an undetectable extension charm on that box because it just seemed like I kept pulling more and more things out of there!  Once I got everything out, I started upwrapping!


You had me at the coffee…. I love it all!  Thank you so much!  The sock yarn came at just the right time.  My friend’s mom is going to teach me to knit socks 2 at a time!  And of course, before I could open the coffee or bust open the candy, it needed to pass thru security.


Don’t let Jimbo fool you.  He’s had several correspondence course in package security.  He’s a true professional.  Thanks again Arriana!  I love it all!