Sometimes it’s a view like this, makes me really love living in Seattle.


This is the view from West Seattle.  I was hanging out with a friend and she lives in West Seattle and on the way home, this is the view that I saw and I just had to take a picture.

And here’s a hopefully better picture of my deck in all it’s glory.


At lunch today I was thumbing thru the recent issue of Vogue Knitting and I came across a small little blurb about hens that have been rescued from caged egg production facilities in the UK.  They are rescued and adopted by people and given a nice cozy place to live in their yards.  Most of these poor little hens, when they are rescued are featherless.  Until their feathers grow back they need another way to keep warm so they’re knitting sweaters for the hens.  Battery Hen Welfare Trust is the organization you can adopt the hens from (or donate money to them if you can’t adopt a hen).  And if you’d like to knit a sweater for the poor cold little hens, check out Nicki Trench’s website for the pattern.  Check out this video of these fashion forward chicks.