It’s that time of year… the farmer’s market over in Columbia City started up today!  I got there a little late and I wasn’t able to get my chicken from my favorite organic farm.  But I was able to get my paneer cheese along with some greek olive feta cheese.  I also got my favorite veggie quesadilla from Patty Pan Grill. (they used to have a store front but they closed up shop and are now just doing the farmer’s markets – kinda sad really.)  It’s all veggie and very little cheese.  It’s so filling.  I really need to remember to get a half order next time.  One of the new vendors is a Kombucha maker.  So I grabbed a pint of kombucha.

If you don’t know what kombucha is it’s a fermented tea drink.  My nutritionist suggested it.  It took some getting used to but now I really enjoy it.  I can hear my mom gagging at the thought of it.  When I first tried it, it tasted like (and I’m quoting a Patton Oswald here) a vinegar fart.  It’s fermented… what else would it taste like?  But now, I really do enjoy drinking it.

Here’s the picture of the farmers market goodies:


Part of the reason I was late getting to the farmers market is because I stopped off at Lowes to get a few plants for my deck.  I know I’ll be moving in July, but I really wanted to get the tomatoes and some herbs going before the season got away from me and it was too late.  Once I got back from the farmer’s market, I got to cleaning up the deck (since it was a rough winter with all the snow, my deck area was a wreck) and planting my herbs and tomatoes.  I made sure that everything was in a container so that I can move them with minimal stress to my plants.  I haven’t hacked back the hedges yet.  Part of me wants to wait to see if the landlords are going to do it before putting the house on the market.  And then the other part of me want to do it because I want sit out there and knit and read when the suns out  Unfortunately the kitty pen won’t be going back up because they’ve learned how to get out of it (it only took them 3 years to figure it out… and the neighbor cat figure it out in 2 months…).  I was a bit sad when they came to work on the house, they cut down my peony and I thought it wouldn’t come back, but it’s coming back in!  I’ll be sad to leave it when I go…


I’m going to try and take some more pictures when the light is better.  It was starting to get dark when I took these.


That green hanging thing in the top right is my tomatoes.  It’s the topsy turvy thing.  We’ll see how it goes.  I saw someone down the road from me has 2 of them up.  That give me hope.  The yellow thing next to the lighter adirondack chair is my grill.  I have one of those tabletop charcoal grills and that little garden bag I bought from Ikea a couple years ago fits perfectly over it as a little grill cover!  And the peony is in the front of the deck on the right side of the photo.  There’s a circular garden stake thing, and there’s 2 stalks coming up right next to it!  I’ll have to wait and see if I can find another peony plant that’s relatively inexpensive (I think I paid $10 for it) for the new place.  I just really like they way they look.  They’re, for lack of a better term, rather girly and frilly.   I’m very suprized that some of the plants that I planted last year, made it thru the winter – the strawberry plant, the mint (that’s growing like a weed) and the sage (at least I think it’s sage.  I can’t remember what I planted).