when you have two things of milk in the fridge.  One is past date and the other is the good one.  You reach for one and you start chugging.  Then you realize, you just chugged from the bad milk.  Yeah.  I’m not just waiting for the bad milk to make it’s way out of my system.  Preferably it won’t want to come out the way it went in.  It’s been that kind of day.

Work was awful.  Not because everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  But it was one of those days where you’re just doing everything you can to make work for yourself.  After a bit it became hopeless Fortunately for me Audible.com is a sanity saver.  I listened to the Ricky Gervais guide to The English and the guide to philosophy.  Then I started on the next book in the Pink Carnation series.  I hate to admit that I’m hooked on this series but I am.  It can get a little romance novel-ey with heaving chests and ample bosoms.  But I do love the idea of a female English spy during the Napoleanic era.  And they make for a great distraction when you need find work to do.

I’m going to attempt to put the button band on the feminine puffed sleeve sweater tonight.  Once that’s done, I’ve gotta sew on some buttons and call it done.

Here’s what’s done so far:puffed sleeve

It’s really a sweet sweater and I’m hoping I’m just making a mountain out of a mole hill.  I’m hoping that my needle confusion didn’t make this too big to wear.  I’d hate to have to frog it all.

And here’s the Lamb Wool Linen Jacket with the buttons.  I’ve actually got to sew the buttons on.  I’ll probably do that this weekend.

lamb wool line jacket