Ok, I’m going to admit that I watch a lot of tv. Which is what made me think of this little idea.I was flipping thru the channels and came across Rome on HBO. Well who should be in the cast but James Purefoy (Tom Bertram from Mansfield Park -1999), Tobias Menzies (William Elliot from Persuasion – 2007), David Bamber (Mr. Collins from the original Pride and Prejudice), and Guy Collins (Mr. Collins from Lost in Austen). Then after watching Masterpiece Theater and seeing some more people that I remember from other Jane Austen or Austen related works, I started playing a little 6 degrees of Jane Austen.

I picked someone who was relatively easy – Anthony Hopkins. He was in Surviving Picasso with Susannah Harker who was Jane in Pride and Prejudice. – like I said, easy.

Ashton Kutcher – was in What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz who was in There’s Something about Mary with Lee Evan who was in Doctor Who with Billie Piper who played Fanny in Mansfield Park (the recent version).  And actually someone pointed out that you could also link Ashton in 2 movies – What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz who was also in The Holiday with Kate Winslet who played Marianne Dashwood in the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility.

It’s kind of addicting and I find that you need to have imdb.com open the whole time your playing.

On the knitting front, I actually decided to start the Lamb Wool Linen jacket just in case it got to be a bit of a pain.  Well it turns out it’s a heck of a lot easier than I thought and of the 3 pieces that needed to be knit, I got 2 done in 3 or 4 days and I’m hoping to have the last piece done this weekend.  Then I plan on taking it to Tricoter or Hilltop Yarns and asking them what is the best way to block and seam it.  Both stores sell Habu Textile yarns and kits so I figure that’s the best place to start.

Here’s the progress so far:

habu sweaterthat’s the back of the sweater.

Habu Sweaterthat’s the right side.  I’m working on the left side, which is exactly like the right side.   It doesn’t look exciting now, but I’m hoping when it’s all put together it’s amazing. I still have to find some buttons.  I’m assuming that I can probably find some smallish simple wooden buttons at Joanns or even at some of the LYS.