I took my aunt’s scarf into work so I could block it free of cat interference.  So at lunch time I pinned it all down and steamed it.

leaf lace blocked

and here’s the close up…

leaf lace

I think when I finished knitting it, I stopped at roughly 52 inches or so.   When I blocked it, it stretched out to around 60 inches.  I’m sure it will shrink up a little bit.  Here’s a close up the lace detail after it was blocked.

leaf lace detail

I’ll be shipping it off tomorrow to my Aunt.  I’m sorry it’s so late!

I also whipped up a little bear with a heart for my therapist.  I’m no longer seeing a therapist and I wanted to make her a little something as a thank you for all she’s helped me see and become.  So I thought this little felted bear would be perfect.

little bear with heart

And after sleeping on it and thinking about it all day, when I probably should have been working, my next project is going to be the Lamb Wool Linen Jacket by Habu Textiles.  I’m going to be casting on tonight while watching some really bad tv.  Well, what else did you expect?   I have a feeling all that garter stitch might drive me crazy and I might need a second small project to get me thru the tough times.