It was another great swim workout this evening.  It left me exhausted.  I did have a little bit of energy left over to stop and check out Rainier Health and Fitness.   They are my local gym.  If I remember correctly, they are a non profit.  The area where they are located has one of the highest rates of obesity in King County.  Their goal is to make getting healthy and fit easy for everyone in the neighborhood, which includes a large low income population.  Their monthly dues are cheaper than the 24 hour fitness and unlike 24 hour fitness, it’s not a pick up joint.  People actually go there to workout and not have anonymous gay sex in the steam room (see the personals section of the seattle craigslist).  They also understand there is a large Muslim community in South Seattle.  On Tuesday and Thursday nights the have ladies night so that the Muslim women in the community can workout without being around men.

When I stopped by this evening to check the place out, everyone was super nice and helpful.  There was even a teenage girl who was overweight working with one of the trainers they have on staff.  Overall I was very impressed with the place and can’t wait to join.