Holy Cow!  I almost forgot about my Gryffindor homework this week!  Hopefully I get this handed in before the deadline.

Here’s what the homework is:

For this week’s homework, Gryffindor students are required to post about the historical significance of a place they have visited in Hogsmeade over the course of the weekend. Top marks will be awarded for expanding upon the core facts by explaining how they are relevant to the modern wizarding world.

Since I was hanging out with Madam Pomfrey the weekend of the Hogsmeade trip, I’m having to write all this by spending way too much time inside the library and not outside practicing quidditch, but I digress…

Before I talk about my historical place, I first must talk about the famous Boris The Belligerent.  Boris was the first wizard stand up comic.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  So what – he was a comic.  He wasn’t just any comic, he was the comic who continued to make sure laugh during the oh so dark days when you know who was coming into power.  While this might not be important to most, it’s incredibly important to me and those who knew that he who must not be named would eventually be overthrown.  Some might even say, it was the beginning of the order of the Phoenix.

When Boris started performing, comedy and fun in general was not frowned upon or even squashed.  Slowly, any sort of free speech was forbidden.  But Boris would have none of it.  While he knew that if he stood up for his rights and the right to speech, he would have been tortured and killed.  So in the late 60s/ early 70s, he bought the Hog’s Head Inn and started putting on secret comedy shows.  Sure, this may sound like a “who care’s” or “what does this have to do with anything” fact.  But it was because Boris was able to hold these shows without getting caught that made some of the audience members (Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James and Lily Potter and the Longbottoms) think that they might be able to hold secret meetings as well. And so it is because of this, that I hope to someday own and restore the Hog’s Head Inn into it’s former splendor.