But it looks as though my quiet Seward Park basement apartment life is coming to an end.  My upstairs neighbor is moving out and the landlords are fixing up the place to try and sell the house.  That means I’ve got to look for a new place to live.

The big issue is that I pay $650 a month and that includes electric and heat.  I know that’s cheap for a city.  The problem is, is that i don’t make a whole lot.  So for me, that’s a fair amount.  It’s do-able for me to make car payments, pay my insurance and other bills and a few dollars left over.  Now I have to look at places that are no more than $800.  And those apartments don’t include gas/electric and heat.  And since I have two cats, my options are severely limited.  Not to mention my move in costs go up – I’ve seen pet fees as high as $500 extra dollars!

I’m beginning to think I should start a “Help Becky get a good apartment” fundraiser 🙂  either that or hook up with some of those wall street/bank jerks that took all that bailout money and are heading to Vegas or somewhere else for a company “retreat.”

So if anyone in Seattle is reading this and knows of a 1 bedroom apartment with good landlords who love cats and have cheap rent, please let me know.