I’m not going to lie, I don’t like this person.  She does nothing but complain and can’t even seem to get her work done.  She’s constantly complaining about some sort of illness that she might have (I’m guessing it’s more of a want than a have situation with her).  She also one of those people that if you all go out for lunch and you and her get the same thing, yours is always better than hers.  Yours could have a roach on it, but it was somehow better than hers.

We have a forklift at work and it’s run by propane.  It’s a forklift.  There’s really no emissions testing that it really needs to pass in order for it to work.  So it creates some fumes.  I work in the warehouse which has at least 20 foot ceilings if not higher.  The offices are above the warehouse.  There’s 2 flights of stairs, a mezzanine and a door that separates us.  Apparently every time we run the forklift (which is for about 5 minutes a day – and for 3 of those minutes the forklift is outside loading up the UPS truck) the fumes seem to find their way to her and her alone, and make her sick.  I work with the forklift, I know it stinks.  But it’s a forklift that run on propane.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Now, instead of her doing her work, she’s been spending an excessive amount of time complaining about the smell to the entire off and then via email to me.  I believe she might also be looking up what other illness she’s can get from inhaling these fumes.

For the past 3 days, she’s been researching what could possibly be wrong with the forklift.  Um…. nothing.  Keep in mind, I am way, way behind in getting our orders out.  I’m swamped.  So the last thing that I’m worrying about is the forklift as it’s running just fine.  So instead of offering to help out, (as she put it, ” I’d help, but I’ve got a really weak upperbody and I can’t really lift anything heavy, so I don’t know how much help I’ll be…”) she called the place where we bought the forklift and told them that it smelled funny and now they’re coming out to look at it on the busiest day we have next week.  She then sends me and email(that I can’t read because the computer we have in the warehouse can only work on one program at a time.  So if we’re working, email is not an option)  to tell me that they think there’s something wrong with the forklift and they’re coming out to take a look at it some time between 9-5.  There’s a few things here that she seems to not care about because it doesn’t affect her or because she’s just too dumb to even think of these things.

  1. They charge you for coming out and checking under the hood of the forklift.  The service charge usually starts at $50 or so and goes up from there.
  2. I need to forklift the orders that i have been stressing about into 18 wheelers that day.   But because she has been listening into all the conversations about what is shipping out and when, she seems to think that having the forklift out of commission during this time is a great idea.

There’s also one really big detail she’s not taking into consideration – I’m hoping that the forklift fumes are slowly killing her.  I like to think of it as helping out Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.  Only the strong survive…