This weekend was the big Yarn Train to Portland!  I had a blast!  I met a bunch of cool ladies (yeah… not one male knitter in the group!) got yarn envy and got some ideas for new projects to knit.  I finished up a baby sweater while we were on our way there.  Which was good because it was for Jen and Ben and Ben was picking me up at the train station so we could have lunch with Jen.

Ok so here’s a couple pictures of the ladies at the train station in Portland as we were getting ready to head home:

knittin train

More knittin train

and here’s the picture of the baby sweater I finished on the train.


While I was in Portland I went to Knit-Purl.  I love this store.  They are the nicest people and they have beautiful things.  I picked up the Habu Textiles Lamb Wool Linen Jacket kit and a little something for my SP 13 swap partner.  I love Habu Textiles.  I just wish I could understand the pattern that came with the kit.  I’m sure I can figure it out if I can just look at it for several hours.  I would love to get the book by Setsuko Torii. Perhaps on our next trip I’ll see if they have it.

I also went to Powell’s books.  I love this place.  I could spend the whole day here.  I got a couple of books – The Essential Guide to Color Knitting by Margaret Radcliffe.  I saw this book when I was back east for Christmas and really wanted it.  But decided that i would wait.  Then I walked around Powell’s with it, and put it back several times, then I just decided that it’s now or never with this book.  So I got it.  It’s a great book and it goes in detail about how to do specific techniques with color work.  I can’t wait to try some color work now!

I also got the second book of the series that I was reading (I got it used so I was pretty excited about that).  And then I got dad a couple of books for his birthday.

Besides going to Knit-Purl to pick up my Habu textiles kits, the other big pilgrimage was to Voo Doo Doughnuts – Where, as the sign says, the magic is in the hole.



I got myself 3 maple bacon bars and one of the ladies on the train gave me some money to pick one up for her husband.  So I walked out of Voo Doo Doughnuts with 4 maple bacon bars and a tshirt.  I put the tshirt on after work yesterday and it smelled like doughnuts…. Mmmmmm…… doughnuts.  I did feel a bit like Homer because I think when I snapped out of the doughnut mojo, I was drooling a bit.  Sorry about the so-so picture of the maple bacon bar.  It was late at night when I got home and it was bit smooshed from the journey.


The next day I had to work the showroom.  I ended up finishing up the tree jacket and the Presto Chango baby sweater for another friend of mine who’s having a baby.  The cool thing about this little baby sweater is that the front panel is buttoned on – so when the baby spits up, you just remove the front panel, replace it with another one and it’s like the baby never spit up!


Jen, don’t worry I’ll make you one too 🙂