I know I have posted a whole lot recently.  It seems as if I’ve been doing nothing but knitting or thinking about knitting.

I forgot to post a photo of all the goodies my swap partner sent me!  and I also got a postcard from her/him from NYC!  One of my favorite places!

secretpal13 swap packageI think there’s one thing missing from this picture – it’s the Winter issue of Knitter’s Universe magazine!  There was also a bunch of chocolate goodies from Australia, but those barely made it past the first 5 minutes of me opening the box.

I’ve also spent the past week or so working on the Tree Jacket.  I’m really enjoying this one and I think it’s one that I’ll wear a fair amount.  I did mess up a little bit which will make me want to  make another one to redeem myself.  Instead of purling a row, I knit it.  So there’s a bit of a stripe where there shouldn’t be.  But whatever.

Here it is in progress.  All that’s left is the sleeves.  I’m hoping to start and possibly finish them tonight.

tree jacket start

and where I am now.

tree jacket almost done

I really love this yarn.  It’s ashame that it’s been discontinued.  Oh well… another bites the dust.