I signed up for Vonage recently.  This is all in an effort to hopefully just use my cell phone for emergencies or text messages.  My cell phone bill was a bit out of hand recently and I’m tired of it.  So for roughly $30 a month, I’ve got unlimited calls.  Take that AT&T!

So the cool thing with Vonage is, that you can get voicemails via the computer.  It’s basically a .wav file. I have not received my start up package yet, but I noticed I had a voicemail.  So I check it.  It’s someone from the Pierce County Jail wanting a call back.  Fortunately for me it was a message for a Alfreda.  I’m half tempted to call back saying that I’m Alfreda just to find out what’s going on.  Yeah… I don’t need that kind of excitement right now.

I just wanted to share two knitting patterns that I love.  I don’t own them and I haven’t knit them, but final knitting pieces, I love.

The Sweet Pea Coat by Kate Gilbert and Sylvi by Mari Muinonen.