Dear Santa,

It’s been an interesting year.  Filled with lots of ups and downs.  I think I held up pretty well.  And because of that, I’m hoping I ended up on the “nice list.”  So in the hopes that I’m on the nice list, here’s my Christmas wish list.

First – I’d love a winning mega millions ticket.  And by winning ticket, I mean $50,000 and up.  I’m looking to pay for a masters degree and pay off some bills.  Sure I know it sounds rather selfish and greedy, but these $2 and $5 wins are kinda are worthless in this economy.  Which brings me to the next request.

Second – Can you work some magic with our economy?  I know this is not your fault, but isn’t there something you can do?  Perhaps a WPA type program where you hire people to make toys, take care of the reindeer, landscape the North Pole, or even cooking meals for the elves? I don’t want to have to ask for a job on next year’s Christmas list.

Third – I’m a bit tired of dating the Wickhams of the world.  Could you send me a Darcy or a Bingley? I’ve been dating Wickhams for years now.  I think it’s time for a Darcy or a Bingley under the tree.  If this is an indication of how deparately I need a Darcy or Bingley in my life, the best Valentine’s Day I ever has was when a friend took me to go see WWE wrestling and our seats were 4 rows back from the ring. (Actually it was pretty awesome.  Probably the single most cheesy thing I’ve done.) If you could also adjust their incomes for inflation that would be great.  Let’s get real here, I want to marry for love, but if they are worth $10,000 a year – well – a girl’s got her limits.

Fourth – How are you with health issues?  I’d love it if you could make sure that my family, friends and I all are in good health.  I know it seems like an easy request, but hey you never know what could happen.

Fifth – I’d love to be able to knit faster and understand patterns a little better.  Maybe I should be asking Mrs. Claus about this one.  Well, maybe you could pass this one on to her.

Finally – a vacuum cleaner.  Mine just bit the bullet.

Thanks Santa!  Keep in touch!  It would be nice to see you more than once a year.  You have to take a vacation sometime, right?  You and the Mrs. can always crash at my place.