It wasn’t too bad this morning when I was going in to work.  But by 11 or so, the rain started.  Nothing too unusual for here.  So for most of the day, it was off and on rain.  By around 3:30 that’s when the wind started.  It wasn’t too bad at first, but within 30 minutes it was awful.  I went to my car and got hit with a flying piece of mulch from one of the landscaped lawns across from our offices.  It was like a bee sting.  The drive home was just slow.  Everyone was having to dodge recycle bins and trash cans.    Not to mention ‘s freezing out.  While I was sitting at a stoplight, I watched the trees that lined the streets.  All of them had already shed their leaves and they were just waving all about.  It was like the street was lined with Whomping Willow trees.

Apparently now the pass is closed because of snowfall.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain as my parents are in upstate ny.  Fortunately they have power.  They just don’t havephone, internet or tv.  And about 198,000 houses are without power and probably will be until early next week, according to mom’s report.  Their neighbors large birch tree fell down onto his garage.  Fortunately the damage wasn’t that bad.

I can honestly say I’m glad I’m home and safe.