As I was driving to work today I noticed one of the houses that normally has a huge Christmas display had outdone themselves this year.  They have the prerequisite large inflatables and the santa and his sleigh and the manager scene.  But upon closer inspection of the manger scene (normally this is a busy street, but just my luck we had to stop because someone was turning) I noticed that Mary, Joseph, Little Baby Jesus (aka LBJ) and the 3 Wisemen were also joined by a garden gnome, a goose and I believe was the little dutch boy (or perhaps one half of those kissing couples that were so popular back in the day).  It looked like, in the middle of the night, the rest of the garden ornaments, were looking for shelter.  I know technically the little dutch boy and the garden gnome weren’t at the first Christmas (the goose might have been there and made into dinner shortly after witnessing the miracle in the manger) but maybe this is the owner’s way of making a statement about racism and peace without being to in your face about it.  I mean, if the little dutch boy, a garden gnome and a goose can all be there for the birth of Christ and not start a world war, then why can’t the neighborhood get it together and stop shooting people (did I mention the house is in the Central District, which isn’t the safest neighborhood in the Seattle).  Unfortunately the lawn jockey stayed away from the manger to make a statement.

I just found out that I won the Gryffindor House award for best kit!  This was such a fun swap and I hope to be able to sign up for it next term when I will finally win a dang quidditch game!

And a sidenote:  I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m ok.  I got a lot emails about my not being able to get a Christmas tree this year.  Thank you for all your concern.  I really appreciate it.  And it makes me realize what great friends and family I have.  I got a tree this evening.  It was $20.  All of which goes to the Dunshee House.  I’ll try and post a picture of the tree tomorrow.  Right now, Jimbo is nibbling on some of the lower branches (I’m sure I’ll see those branches later…) and Kink is drinking out of the tree stand.

Oh and for a feel good story… I was watching HBO and their Real Sports show came on.  I’m not that big of a sports fan that I would typically watch this show, but they had a story on that just made me feel like not all teenagers are bullies, gangbangers, and spoiled.  It’s sometimes had to see that when you live in a big city where there is serious poverty and on the other end of the spectrum, massive amounts of money.