Ok… overweight may be a strong ternm.  Kink is, zoftig, reubenesque, plus-sized, husky…  whatever you want to call it.   But when you’re on the couch, checking your eyelids for leaks and she jumps up on your chest and knocks the wind out of you, perhaps it’s time to send her to kitty fat camp.  I think I might try and rig up a kitty treadmill right next to my bike trainer and we can workout together.  Show her that we’re in thins together.  We can both stand to loose a few pounds.  I have a feeling that she’d take one look at the kitty treadmill and then throw it across the room in a fit of catnip rage.  And the catnip addiction is something else we have to deal with.  Poor Jimbo.  He takes the brunt of her fits of catnip rage.  Not to mention the late night body slams in an effort to bully him into cleaning her ears out.  Or worse, her derrière.  Yeah… that’s a moment of my life I won’t get back and the image has been burned into my memory.  No matter how bad she is, Jimbo and I still love her.  I don’t care what he says.

And now onto something completely different…

Tonight, was one heck of a swim practice.  8x25yards of sprints.  300yards of IM (that would be 75 yards of butterfly, 75 of backstroke, 75 of breast stroke and 75 of freestyle). 75 yards of streamline kick and 25 yards of backstroke – 2 times. Another 200yards of IM.  And there were a few more in there but I can’t remember them off the top of my head (ok, I’m think I’m probably blocking them).

I plan on sleeping well tonight.