OK, here it is… the next homework assignment.

1. Name your favorite magical creature, and describe why it is your favorite. My favorite magical creature is the mandrake.  Here’s why, it looks like a cute little baby or old man (depending on how long you let them grow) and as you’re thinking about how cute they are and are ready to go in for the “cootchie cootchie coo” they scream like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard of.
2. Tell us your favorite charm, spell or curse, and explain why you like it. My favorite charm is the Avis.  It’s the one that releases birds from your wand.  I like to say “Avis!” When I walk into a room at a party.  It makes me feel like I’m in a John Woo movie 🙂 that’s a Daniel Tosh reference.
3. Describe your favorite holiday family tradition – which holiday and what makes it special. Favorite holiday tradition –
that’s a tough one. It would definitely be a Christmas tradition.   Perhaps it might be dad swearing the tree into the tree stand or swearing the lights on the tree.  Maybe it’s the italian cookies on Christmas eve with the family.  It’s so hard to decide.  But at least I can narrow it down to a favorite holiday 🙂
4. Name your favorite fiber-based (knitted, crocheted, or spun) finished object.
I think it would be the knitted lamb I did for grandma and then I made one for mom.  I think they were the most meaningful and knit with a lot of love.  And I think my first pair of wearable socks.  Because they were actually wearable and they didn’t look like some strange wearable modern art piece.