I made it back to Seattle all in one piece.  I’m exhausted.  I feel like I’ve been knocked out.  I’m sure it all hasn’t hit me yet.  Every so often I start to get teary eyed.  And I know that’s ok.  I just keep knitting and know that grandma is with me.

The cats were not as excited to see me as I was to see them.  I gave them their treats from Marilyn – they each got their own blankets and two little cat mats that you can put catnip in.  Kink immediately claimed hers.  Jimbo sniffed them and then went right over to me and did his “look at how cute I am… now scratch my butt,” pose.  I also gave them their new catnip mouse.  Jimbo could careless about it.  Kink threw it all around the house… all night long.  I heard that thing hitting every surface in the house.

Today I also found out that I won our Gryffindor House quiz this week!  That was a well needed happy little bit of news.  Yeah for me!  Hopefully this means that I’m on my way to winning the elusive snitch!