I made it back to NY with no injuries.  Unfortunately I did leave my knitting notions pencil case on the plane from Seattle to Newark.  Which is very upsetting for me.  You tend to know and love your knitting notions.  Not to mention some of them were given to me by my grandmother.  Once i landed in Albany it turns out that my luggage really enjoyed the Newark airport so it decided to spend the night.  I ended up having to buy underwear, pajamas, pants, a shirt, and toiletries at Walmart.    I couldn’t sleep that night because I started thinking about everything that was in my suitcase – my bike shoes, my bike pedals, my heartrate monitor, all of my favorite clothes, my shoes, my makeup, and a few little knitted presents I made.  Thankfully I got my luggage the next day. 

I got to see grandma and hopefully tomorrow she’ll teach me how to make her crocheted angels that she makes at Christmas time.  I also got to look thru all her knitting books and patterns.  She has some of my great grandmothers knitting books.  One was printed in 1920 or so!  And of course there were a few funnier pattern books from the ’40s that we laughed about.  The patterns were simple in design, but it was the pictures of them on the models that got us laughing.  The men’s sweaters were so short compared to today.  Mostly because all the pants were high waisted (the style at the time).  And all the men were smoking and all the women looked like they had hair that they could sleep on and wake up the next day and nothing would have moved. 

I made the mistake of showing mom the Eden Scarf from the Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together.  Thankfully there was still some green yarn left over from the crocheted scarf that grandma made from mom a year or so ago.  So now I’m plugging along on that.  It’s not a diffiuclt pattern.  It’s just going to take a long time weaving in all the ends.  So far out of 36 leaves I’ve got 4 done in about an hour and a half.  Hopefully I’ll have it done before I head back to Seattle. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping it clears up a bit (It started raining today) so I can go for a bike ride and take some pictures.  I’ll try and keep my fingers crossed until I get up tomorrow morning.