Not a whole lot happened.  Just some knitting, some house cleaning and some Bumbershoot.  I’ll get to the very disappointing Bumbershoot in a minute.  But let’s get to the knitting…

A couple of friend’s of mine are having babies.  So I thought I’d wipe up a teddy bear or two for them.  I got one done this weekend.

Teddy Bear number 1

Teddy Bear number 1

(and yes mom, I’ll make you one too if you want one).  I used Lion Brand thick and chunky yarn because it’s machine washable.  The pattern is from Fuzzy Mittens.  Her patterns are well written and easy to follow.  It took probably a day or so to make.  And while I was knitting away, Kink was relaxing… and I’m now realizing, probably could stand to loose the beer gut she’s got going.

Fat Ass

Fat Ass

We’ve had a cat come and visit us at our warehouse a couple of times.  We’ve affectionately nicknamed him (or possibly her, no one really wants to check to see what kind of naughty bits the cat has, if any…Spay or Neuter your pets people.  Bob Barker says so.)  GB.  Which is short for Gingerballs.    We’re fans of Flight of the Conchords (Murrary the Manager’s nickname was gingerballs).  It was either that or Peter Nincompoop.  We felt like we could get away with GB.  We didn’t really have to explain anything.  Our co-workers just assumed that it was short for something and never really asked us what it was short for.

GB- what a good lookin cat

GB- what a good lookin' cat

We found out that he works all the businesses in the neighborhood.  He’s a man whore cat.   But we still love him.

As for Bumbershoot… Well, I’m very disappointed with it.  I try to go every year to see all the great comedy.  I used to go for two of the 3 days.  This year, the tickets were $30 before the 16th of August and $40 after!  Ok, I understand that it costs a serious amount of money to put on an event like this, but in the 8 years I’ve lived here, it’s gone from $15/$20 to double that.   Part of Bumbershoot is having to stand in line.  You tend to even plan for it.  Hence going two days.  You could pretty much plan on seeing 2, possibly 3 comedy shows in a day.  Not this year.  You had to stand in line at the comedy ticket booth, pick 1 show and you were given a pass for that show.  The rest of the time, you would head to the venue of the show you wanted to see and hoped that it wasn’t “sold Out” or if someone bailed so you could get in.  They wouldn’t let you line up for standby seats until 30 minutes or sometimes even 15minutes before the show.  Lame Bumbershoot.  Totally lame.  By the time I got to the front of the comedy ticket line, all the shows were “sold out.”  I just spent $40 to stand in line and not see anything I wanted to see. I guess I should be thankful no one was shot, like at Folklife.

One the plus side of the day, I did get to see Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles as well as the Old 97s.   Really, the only reason I was able to see both of those artists is because they were playing at an outdoor venue, so I was able to squeeze myself between a couple of groups of stoned teenagers.  If you get a chance, do not miss seeing Langhorne Slim.  He’s one hell of a lyricist.  And one hell of a performer.  He’s one of those artists who you can tell, genuinely loves doing what he does and has fun doing it.

The Old 97s were also very good.  But you gotta wonder, what kind of gals were they dating?  All their songs are so catchy but are about the worst heartbreak and bad break ups.  Hell, their songs make my dating life look like nursery school drama.

Was Bumbershoot worth $40?  No.  As much as I love Langhorne Slim and the Old 97s, I could have seen them both this evening and tomorrow evening in Portland for less… including the train ride down there.  Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme.  But it’s pretty darn close.