On Sunday I did an open water swim.  By the end of the workout we all noticed the water had gotten pretty rough and really choppy.  So we headed back in and went to breakfast.  I had some errands to do and spent some time hanging out with friends.  By dinner time my side hurt a little bit.  Kinda like I ate something that my stomach didn’t like.  I came home, did some computer work and then got up to get ready to go to bed.  That’s when the pain was unbearable.  I still just thought whatever I ate was really not sitting well with me.  So I went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep on my side.  And turning was excruciating. The next day I got up and was still in pain, but it wasn’t as bad as the night before, but it was still bad.  I went to work and my boss took one look at me and told me to call the doctor.  I just assumed that I maybe cracked a rib or was having some serious food poisoning.  I called the doctor to get an appointment and she was booked up.  Since breathing and moving seemed to aggravate the situation she called me and asked me a bunch of questions to try and rule out a few things and to see if it was something that I needed to go to the hospital for.   She ruled out an appendicitis and thought perhaps it was a gallbladder or perhaps a liver thing.  She then said that she would squeeze me at 11 this morning.  Again, sleeping was a painful, but I made it thru the night without having to go to the hospital.  So it looks like I pulled/strained a muscle deep down under a few other muscles.  But just to be on the safe side she did a  blood test and a urine test.  She seems pretty sure that it’s a muscle thing and until I hear from here with the other test results I’m going to assume she’s right.  The worst part about it is, I can not do the Danskin triathlon.  And I can not do any of my normal workouts.  I have to take alieve and extra strength tylenol and ice it.  I have to admit, I’m a bit depressed about this.  I’m going to try and not dwell on it.  I’m just going to replace my workouts with knitting.