Today as we were working in our new warehouse, my co-worker and I noticed that we were no longer alone… there was a cat in our warehouse!  In the summer time we leave the warehouse bay door open to let fresh air in and see the sun.  And in doing this, we apparently let one of our furry little neighbors in.  We couldn’t tell if the cat was a he or a she.  I think we just assumed that it was a he.  So the kitty came on in, walked around the warehouse and then decided to check out the upstairs and the offices.  He hung out with us for a bit and then was on his way.  I guess to work the rest of the neighborhood for treats and scratches under the chin and behind the ear.  We’re hoping he puts us on his regular route.

I also found out that I’ll be in the 5th wave of the swim start at the Seafair triathlon.  We’re supposed to hit the water at 7:10am.  So come saturday evening, I’ll head down to the lake and check out where the buoys are.  Perhaps even try and talk someone else into going with me and doing the swim