Yesterday I got up and got my hair cut and dyed.  And I love it!  I went to a new place.  It’s a salon called Ba Ba Louise in Ballard.  The stylist that did my hair was Ava and I think she is awesome.  I have crazy hair – it’s thick and curly and that apparently makes my hair coarse and dry.  She did an awesome job cutting it and getting the color just right.  I highly recommend them.  By the time I left the salon at noon, it was already boiling.

I spent a bit of time running home, getting changed for the Redhook ale house ride that I planned and then I headed out to meet the ladies.  We got started shortly after 2 and we were off and biking.  It took a bit longer than normal because of the heat and the various levels we all ride at.  We got to Redhook, had a beer and something to eat and then it was back on the road.  By the time I realized it, it was twenty after six and I was going to be late to see Superbad at the Fremont Outdoor Movie.  So I had to leave the ladies and bust out the last couple of miles.  By the time I got back to my car, it was so completely stifling hot I thought I was going to pass out on the drive to my office.  I was able to change into something somewhat normal to wear as well as do a quick face washing.  I probably stunk from the ride.

My friend and I grabbed a couple of lawn chairs and grabbed a spot in the “theater” and settled in to watch Superbad.  The one thing I didn’t realize was I had been eaten alive by mosquitoes for most of the ride.  Once I saw the bat flying around swooping down to grab some dinner, it dawned on me, there’s mosquitoes here too.  At one point I got thinking, if I could just catch a bat and either keep him/her on a perch or tied to a rather long leash, it would a be a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved.  I guess I was too lazy or I just wanted to watch the movie, but it just didn’t happen.

By the time I got home it was close to midnight.  And by the time I got all my gear and my bike out of the car it was close to 12:30.  So you can guess that I didn’t make it to the open water swim this morning.  I just couldn’t get myself up and moving that early.  So instead, I got up, again, in the sweltering heat (ok sweltering for Seattle) and went out and got myself some new shorts.  And now me and the cats are home, waiting for my friend to call so I can head down to the lake and get a swim in.