I just realized that my poor blog has been neglected.  I will write a bit more tomorrow.  But I just wanted to get one small entry in before I hit the hay.  I’ve been super busy with getting everyone set up and running with the Danskin Team Training.  So far it’s been a blast and all the women are great and I’m really looking forward to working with them all.  They’re so excited about it!  I took some pictures from our first meeting and I’ll post a couple tomorrow.  That’s what has been taking up more of my time recently.   I’ve got Martha Steward reruns on in the background and she’s doing an entire show about knitting!  I love it!  I really should invest in TIVO for moments like this.

This coming weekend is a busy one for me.  I’m hoping to be able to go see the Reverend Horton Heat on friday.  Saturday I’m getting my hair colored.  I noticed there’s a lot of grey and there shouldn’t be.  And after that I’m hopping on my bike and leading a 30 mile ride up to the Redhook Ale house.  Nothing seems to motivate people quite like beer.  Then sunday morning is the big open water mile swim.  I think I’m most looking forward to that.  That will give me a good idea of how I’ve been doing swim-wise.

Geez…. reading all that made me tired.  It’s time to turn in.  Jimbo said so.