I was going to try and post something on Wednesday but my friend came in early, so I couldn’t post. I’m sorry blog. I won’t ever do that to you again. My friend was only here for a few days but it was nice to see him. It’s unfortunate that he was sick the whole time he was here. I really wanted to show him around Seattle… Next time.

I’ve been working on the Interlaken blanket for my friend. It seems like every time I get going, I get a new set of directions and I can’t quite figure it out. I think I’m probably making it a lot harder than it should be. I have a tendency to do that with knitting instructions. I’ll be taking it with me to my knitting group. I think they’ll be able to get me back on track. What I’ve figured out, it coming along well. When I would get frustrated with it I would work on the Asymmetrical Cable Cardi. And when I would get frustrated with the Cable Cardi, i would try and figure out the Interlaken. It’s a good mix. So I guess you could say, knitting was, I was frustrated all weekend 🙂

I had my swim workout this weekend. My coach kicked my butt. She wanted to see what my splits were. She was trying to figure out what my pace is and was also trying to get my condition to speeding up to pass people in my races. The first workout was to do a reasonable pace 25 meter swim – 3 times. Then on the 4th 25 meters I had to swim as fast as I could. We did this 5 times. I was exhausted by the end of it. But we found out that my reasonable pace time for 25 meters is 25 seconds. And my fast pace for 25 meters is around 19/20 seconds. I feel pretty good with those numbers. We also worked on some form things. It was a good workout. It hurt and still hurts a little. Today I took off of training so that I can recover from swimming and go swimming tomorrow, at Colman pool. Colman pool is open only in the summer and it’s outdoor, saltwater pool! I can’t wait!

And our first Secret Pal 12 weekly question arrived in my email this weekend – what is my favorite summertime drink?

Well, that all depends on where I am. If I’m just hanging out, it’s probably iced tea, or iced coffee. If I just got finished with a workout, it’s chocolate milk. If I’m at the ballpark, it’s a beer. And if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll head to Uwajimaya and grab a melon or orange flavored Ramune.

On the subject of the Secret Pal 12 swap, I’ve already started shopping and will send a small package out this week! I’m super excited!