I was checking out where some of my “hits” were coming from and I saw that there was a link from the Spring Fling Yarn and Coffee Swap.  It looks like I won some really nice yarn from NH Knitting Mama (who, by the way is a part of my Sox Knitting group on Ravelry – we chat while the games are on!  Go Sox!).  I believe it was the post with the picture of Bob that won.

This is Bob.  I think he was my lucky charm.


I’ll actually be getting something cool in the mail instead of bills and junkmail!

On my ride home from work I was stopped at a light on MLK and Rainier when I noticed a big banner hanging on the overpass.  Fortunately I was armed with my camera.

girlfriend sign

The banner says, “ineedagirlfriend702.com

Of course I ran home and had to see if this was a legit website and not porn.  It’s legit.  That got me to thinking… back in the glory days of the internet we were forwarded a site similar to this.  And I went to see if it was still up and sure enough it was… 10kforawife.com That site has been up since probably 1996.  He’s even offering up 10grand for the person who introduces him to his wife!  Now, it’s been over ten years.  Why hasn’t that 10k gone up.  Let’s face it, inflation is a bitch now.  You’d think, if he were really that serious about finding a lady to spend the rest of his life with, he could at least adjust the finder’s fee for inflation.

As a single gal, these sites also got me thinking…perhaps i should put up a site.  Then I snapped back to reality and realized there is no way in hell I could do that.  I think for a guy, putting up a site like that would probably work.  For a gal, all we’d get is penis shots, spam and really, really lonely guys who probably never leave the basement where their computer located.  These are not the kind of guys that most women are looking for.  Besides, I also don’t have 10grand to offer up as a finder’s fee. That’s something you might want to take up with my parents.  Go old school – we’re talking dowry.  I’ll check with them on that and get back you all.

The more I think about it, this blog is in a way my “personals” site.  This is me.  What I write about, how ever boring, bland, funny, confusing, horrifying or otherwise, is my life.  Love it or hate it.  It’s me.