This morning it was a bit overcast and blah.  So I got to work and hunkered down for a grey, cold day.  But we had our warehouse landlord stop by so I opened up the bay door for him.  And when I looked across the street, I saw this on the building across the street!

Look!  Up in the Sky!

I watched him for a bit and he decided to take a load off and relax in the yard of the house next door to where he was perched.

It's a bird!

I think he might have been checking out the koi pond.  But after a bit, a man with his large pitbull walked by and the bird was gone.  I have to admit it was a cool way to brighten up the morning.

After work, I headed over to our office.  My boss had offered to straighten my hair for my trip to SF and I gladly took her up on the offer.  While she was straightening my hair I started knitting the Asymmetrical Cable Cardi with some yarn I had lying around.  So far, it’s going well.  I needed to have something to work on while I was on the plane and in SF. So hopefully I can get a bunch of this done.  I would like to make the sleeves longer.  So I need to look into how to go about doing that.

One the stylin’ was done, I headed home and that meant swingin’ by and seeing how my goat buddies are doing.  I have a feeling they’ll be done by the time I get back.  So my Monday morning commute will be a sad one.

Seriously… could they be any cuter looking?

the natural landscapers

Just look at all the garbage that was underneath all the brush.


goat clean up

Let’s do a before and after, shall we?









They got there on Friday and look at how different that hill is!

This is all that is left.  Just some tall brush, most likely raspberry bushes.

The last of it