Finally!  After several months of blood, sweat, tears and yarn,  it’s done.  The Cables and Chains Jacket is done.  I have to say, it was a total pain to get it to line up correct so that I could seam it.  But in the end all the pain was worth it.  Unfortunately I don’t have a glamour shot of this.  It’ll be flying with me to San Francisco.  So I’ll see if I can get an action shot then.  But until then… here it is – the Cables and Chains Jacket.

The beast!  It's alive!

And on the goat tip… It’s going to be a sad day for me when the goats are gone.  I have a feeling they’ll be packing up and taking off while I’m in San Francisco.  But until then.  Here they are… the beloved goats of Mt. Baker.

Anywhere their caretaker went to trim up some more shrubs so they could get to more eating, they followed like moths to a flame.  I think, as soon as they heard the noise from the trimmer, they came a running.  A kind of Pavlov’s goats, if you will.

Mucho goats!

It’s like they’ve been starving for weeks or something….

The Goats!!!!!

OK that trimmer could cut off a limb in no time at all, but these goats showed no fear when food is involved.

No Fear!

Here they are after they were allowed at the fresh cut shrubs.

fresh veggies

And even goats need to wash their hands before eating.

wash your hands before dinner

And this is my favorite photo so far.  My favorite goat, I’ll call him Rockstar.  He’s actually sitting on the goat behind him.  I think he’s thinking he’s the James Brown of goats.  “He so tired… help a brother up…. no… I can’t go on…. heh… ” I felt like I needed to throw a cape over him.  Maybe tomorrow….