Every Thursday I head on over to the little airstream that could known as the Skillet Street Food, for lunch.  And every Thursday I leave so full of yummy goodness and so happy that I saved my lunch money for the week for that one meal.  If the Skillet was a man, I would want to be it’s girlfriend.  The Skillet never disappoints.  Today, I was about to propose to the guy who took my order – the dessert was the good.  But I figured he’s gets wedding proposals all the time.  So I settled for, “Dear God, that’s amazing.”  Which I think worked well.  Next time I might try the proposal.  They make making dinner on Thursday nights difficult.

But I persevered.  I went to the freezer and pulled out the Asparagus Pancetta ravioli, made a little sage browned butter sauce and grabbed a fresh glass of cream top 2% milk and dug in.  It was good.  But I’m still thinking about that dang dessert from Skillet.

I also stopped by Weaving Works this evening in the hopes of being able to buy some yarn for my friend’s super late wedding present.  Yeah… well, it wasn’t as crazy as the Hilltop fire sale.  It was a little crazy.  They were having their Mother’s Day sale – 20% all regular priced yarn and more discounts on others.  I was hoping that what I needed was still there with a fair amount of colors to choose from.  Nope.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll just try and hit a yarn shop in SF.