This weekend I had planned to go back to Redhook Ale house on bike. And it started raining. Not really bad, but bad enough that made a couple people back out of the ride and I was on the fence about going. Then my friend said that he had to get out of the house and was going to go for a ride anyway. I decided that I wasn’t going to wimp out and I we went on the ride. We started around Wallingford/Fremont area. We got up to Redhook about an hour and 50 minutes from when we started. And it was roughly a 20 mile ride… in the rain. We walked in to the Redhook and everyone looked at us like we were on fire. We probably looked like we just came from a mud bath. But we were hungry, tired and cold, so we got a table and sat down. We rested, ate and warmed up and then we were on our way back. 20 miles and another hour and 50 minutes later, we were back at the car and on our way to reward ourselves with coffee and a cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes. After that, I called it a night, went home, took a long hot bath and fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday I hung out with a good friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. She’s always been there for me thru some of the darkest times of my life and I can only hope that I can be there for her if and when she ever needs me.

Today I got a little crazy and decided that, since it was beautiful out, that I would bike to the pool and do a swim workout. It’s a whopping 5 miles… almost all uphill. By the time I got there it had taken me about 40 minutes. But I felt like I accomplished something. It was the first time I’ve done a ride on the streets of Seattle with my new pedals. It forced me to learn my gears and how to use them properly. Which kept me from falling flat on my face, still stuck to my bike 🙂

Once i got there, I was exhausted and my rear end was screaming as I don’t think I had fully recovered from the 40 mile ride on Saturday. My legs felt like jello. But I was there to swim and i did. It wasn’t the best swim ever. But that sauna felt amazing afterwards.