First, let me say, I love Skillet.  We go there every Thursday for lunch and I have never had a bad meal.  Today was incredible.  I had their  baked rigatoni fennel tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, young broccoli and spring garlic.  I’ll probably have  dreams about that lunch.  I passed on the dessert.  And now I’m thinking I’ll never do that again.  This time it was a  muffin of some sort with banana and nutella spread in the middle of it.

So tonight, after getting my car back all shiny clean and full of oil (oil cap in place), I immediately grabbed the fresh ground chicken and greens mix I got yesterday at the farmer’s market.  I stared at the two for a bit and then it hit me!  I’ll cook up the chicken then saute up the greens in the chicken juices, add a little garlic.  Once everything was a bit wilted, I threw the chicken back in to mix it all together and a couple of splashes of balsamic vinegar, put it in a big bowl topped it with some parmesan cheese and voila! Dinner!


After I decided to add a bit of guacamole and some organic blue chips.  It’s soooooo good.  And it will probably be just as good for lunch tomorrow.