Well, let me tell you!  I hung out with a friend on Saturday and we headed to the Mariner’s game because he’s never been to a Mariner’s game.  That and, well I have to be honest, I really wanted to go because of the promotional giveaway they had – a JJ Putz replica soul patch.  let me just type that again… a JJ Putz replica soul patch.  The keyword here for me is, replica.  I’m assuming legally they have to put that in there.  Which means that someone who’s dumber than a box of rocks thought it might be his actual soul patch – that he had to grow and shave off approximately 20,000 times as that’s how many they gave away.  That is one of the best promotional items ever given away at a game.  It is so bizarre and so funny that I now want to work for the marketing team that handles all the Mariners goodies.  Seriously, how do you pitch something like that?  And what kind of drugs or how drunk are you when you pitch that idea?  What where the ideas they didn’t go with?  I honestly can’t even imagine.

After the game my friend snapped this shot:

Soul Patches

those orange dots are the soul patches that were left behind.  They were everywhere.  People had them stuck to their shirts, their faces, their hats, their butts…  And I’m sure a few drunk friends woke up the next morning with a hangover and a face full of JJ Putz replica soul patches.

And speaking of drunks… as we’re walking over to Temple Billiards to play a few games of pool, and this was walking in front of us:

Arse Crack

So let me explain what’s going on here.  The girl in the middle (and yes that’s her arse crack and yes, she’s wearing a thong – it’s way more information about this girl than I really needed to know) is being carried by her two drunk guy friends on either side of her.  Each guy is carrying a leg.  Here’s the question, why is it, when guys get drunk they want to pick up and/or carry someone? Usually a gal.  And why do I need to see her arse crack?

So after billards, we called it a night.  That was the weekend.  Sunday was pretty laid back.  Which is exactly what I needed.