First I learned how to make a gusset.  Fascinating… I know.  But now I can make socks like they’re going out of style!  Ok, basic socks.  Don’t make me get fancy because that’s where all the trouble will start.  I’ve gotta work up to that.

Second, I learned intarsia.  Cool… but I can’t stand weaving in all those stinkin’ ends!  Could someone please come up with some other technique for intarsia that does not include massive amounts of weaving in of ends?  Someone out there has to be working on this.  I can’t imagine we’re all thrilled with all that finishing that has to happen.

Third, when a personal trainer, coach, instructor says, “You’ll feel this here.”  That means, you’ll feel this here… for at least a week.    If they say, “You’re gonna love this one.”  That means, “it’s gonna hurt like hell and you’re going to be plotting my long and torturous demise.”  I’m beginning to see that personal trainers, coaches and instructors are not their because they love what they do and want to help people become healthier and stronger people, they’re just working out some issues… on you.

Fourth, Global Warming exists… it’s still snowing in Seattle.  And now we’ve got thunder and lightning to add  to the mix.