Seriously?  I went to lunch today and by the time I got to where I was going, it was snowing.  Nothing sticking to the ground mind you, but still.  I almost ran over the yarn shop and grabbed a bunch of wool to knit up a “spring” sweater!

Not a whole lot of progress on the Cables and Chains jacket.  It seems as if the right side front is about an inch and half longer than the back.  I’m obsessive about measuring things and making sure they’re as close to possible to what the pattern calls for.  So being an inch and a half off makes me really mad and wondering if it was something I did in the whole blocking process.  It definitely bums me out.  But I’m going to bring it to my sock knitting class tomorrow and see if anyone there has any suggestions.

I hopped in the pool today with my new swimsuit.  It seems as if my swimsuits are a big hit around the pool.  I’ve had a number of people ask me where I got them.  the last one was pirate themed – on the front of the suit was a skull and crossbones and written across my bum was, “Arrrrgggh!”  I noticed that if I was in the locker room as the little kids swim classes were getting out, the kids seemed a bit frightened of me.  The mom’s loved the swimsuit.  So this time I got one that says, “Who Rocks?” on the front and on my bum it says, “I Rock!”  Today was the first day it made it’s debut at the pool and I have 3 people ask me where I got it.   What can I say, when it comes to fashion, I’m setting the trends.  Or something like that.

Oh and I’m happy to report that I’m a part of the Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap!  Wooo Hooo!  I can’t wait to get my swap buddy!