not snowing. On my way home today, it started snowing. Not the kind of snow that sticks, just the kind of snow that floats in the air for a bit then immediately turns to rain. I gotta be honest, I thought I was done with winter Seattle. Apparently you thought differently.

I stopped at one of my favorite places on the way home – Uwajimaya. I wander up and down the aisles wondering what the heck half the stuff is and wonder in amazement at how crazy the packaging and design is. Some of it, I can’t help but think that if you sell the worst, most foul tasting product with a cute or goofy character, it will sell like gangbusters somewhere and in Asia. That’s when I realize that I have in my basket, the strangest assortment of things with cute, goofy characters on the packaging. Most of which I have no idea what it is or if I should even eat it. Then I do the walk around the store to put everything back.

I almost forgot… when I got home today I checked my mail and my new swimsuit arrived!  I haven’t had a new bathing suit in about 3 years.  Not to mention, my swimsuit needs to make a statement. Thank you Splish!  Your swimsuits are amazing!